Tabula Rasa

a film by Adriyanto Dewo

Monday, 20 January 2014 07:00

Tabula Rasa at the 2013 Social Media Festival

The third Social Media Festival was special in several ways. Its participants tripled compared to when it was first held in 2011. It was also held for 24 hours non-stop, from 3 PM on October 12th until 3 PM the next day, a brave move that paid off. It was packed with more than a thousand people, all incredibly passionate about social media. Indonesia is, after all, the social media capital of the world. It was special to the Tabula Rasa team as well for it was the first time that the team presented the film project to the public.


When the event committee asked 800 people to participate in their survey, it turned out that the most wanted themes are art and culture, technology and creativity, giving a natural space for the Tabula Rasa team to present their film. Producer Sheila Timothy, writer Tumpal Tampubolon, and associate producer Vino G. Bastian were in attendance and hundreds of excited people crowded the venue at FX Sudirman.


The team talked about the film and presented a video about their research in West Sumatera and Serui, Papua, and the audience was given some time to ask questions, and many of them did. A lot of them were also there to put in their resumes, as we were having an open casting call, which was announced at the film’s Twitter page a few days before. Many were enthusiastic and submitted their best CVs, more than fifty of them were received by the team.


The animated half hour event went really fast and what a great way to introduce Tabula Rasa!

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