Tabula Rasa

a film by Adriyanto Dewo

Friday, 06 June 2014 07:00

Tabula Rasa at Mercu Buana University

One of the first invitations to a workshop that came to our desk was one from Mercu Buana University, so on May 16th our associate producer Vino G. Bastian, writer Tumpal Tampubolon and marketing director Titis Sapto gave a talk at the university. The students of its Faculty of Communication were our hosts for the day and they had to turn away some people that wanted to join the event because the ideal capacity for the venue was 300 people, and to ensure a comfortable environment, they kept it tight at 300 people.

A student of the faculty served as the MC and in addition to the Q&A between him and the Tabula Rasa team, the audience was also shown videos regarding the film production; one filmed during the pre-production phase which include footages of the actors going through extensive workshops such as cooking and playing football, another one showing what went on behind the scenes during filming and the latter video had never been shown to the public before.

While talking about the pre-production process, Vino explained how shooting and marketing strategies had to be well prepared beforehand, so that when shooting was underway, everything would fit into the planned budget. In the creative part, Tumpal talked about how filmmakers should be open to ideas and suggestions from other people. Yet of course, from trustworthy people, whose opinions matter to the filmmakers. “Ideas are like seeds, we have to plant it, it will then absorb sunlight, water, yet it can even be grabbed by some birds. Whatever happens, let the seed develop. Don’t ever be scared of negative comments, that’s part of the process.”

The human drama portrayed in Tabula Rasa is heavily influenced with Indonesian cultures. Therefore, research was vital. Tumpal explained how he went through extensive research to create the characters. “Research is about observing,” he said. Dialects couldn’t be superficial, which was also why we had cultural advisor and dialect coach Tom Ibnur who assisted the filmmakers and actors since the very beginning of production.

The team was very grateful for the enthusiasm and hospitality shown by Mercu Buana students.

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